We are, to this medicine knows that it does not cure the disease, short-term relief, artificially replenished provide a shortage in the body of important hormones of the disease - the insulin. Insulin - substance is produced by the pancreas, to ensure the digestion of the body of carbohydrates. As already mentioned, our cells and tissues can be accepted as organic sugar from the well of fresh raw fruits and vegetables - they are the most efficient source of energy for the body. There is buy strattera online kektra without prescription uk a need to convert the first of the "primary" These sugar as the absorption of starches and inorganic sugar by the body. Starch and inorganic sugar to live the change of the enzyme in the organic substance of the pancreas dead in atom, and because they are not loaded, however, the quality of the completely non-reducing and construction. This fact leads to diabetes.The optimum concentration of fluoride in the drinking water - 1 mg / l (0.7 mg / l in warmer climatic zone).

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